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Welcome to Hemp Embassy Headlines Issue 610!

By |2024-05-10T15:53:23+10:00May 10, 2024|Categories: Hemp Headlines|

Well what an amazing Nimbin MardiGrass 2024!!! Great Vibez all round, every age group you can imagine! Socials and Online were a priority for myself this year. They have grown significantly and enjoy much shared discussion. There is heaps of media coming from the Public…. Thank You!!! If you would like to contribute [...]

Parliamentary Inquiry into Cannabis Regulation in NSW

By |2024-05-08T16:34:04+10:00May 8, 2024|Categories: Hemp Headlines|

We are proud to have successfully lobbied for the first ever Parliamentary inquiry into cannabis regulation in NSW. The inquiry will be chaired by Legalise Cannabis MP Jeremy Buckingham, so you’ll be assured that this is no empty talkfest. The timing is tight – we need a report finished by [...]

Welcome to Hemp Embassy Headlines Issue 609!

By |2024-05-03T17:44:48+10:00May 3, 2024|Categories: Hemp Headlines|

Today is the day! Nimbin MardiGrass 2024 HAS ARRIVED! This edition has lots of content to fill your info needs. A downloadable and printable PROGRAM is available here. If your a Social Media User, there’s been plenty of activity. The main group can be found HERE. 2 Community Chats have [...]

MEDIA RELEASE: Nimbin Ready To Light Up For Mardigrass Next Weekend

By |2024-05-01T09:15:30+10:00May 1, 2024|Categories: Hemp Headlines|

"I remember too well the helicopter raids that drove Bob Hopkins to lead the first MardiGrass protest on May the first back in 1993," says Michael Balderstone, president of Nimbins Hemp Embassy, organising the one pub villages annual cannabis law reform protest and gathering. "The raids were like a war, [...]

Hemp Embassy Headlines Issue 608 Apr 26 2024

By |2024-04-26T20:41:40+10:00April 26, 2024|Categories: Hemp Headlines|

Welcome to Hemp Embassy Headlines Issue 608! Good Morn to you all, Nimbin MardiGrass 2024 is just a week away! I've provided heaps of info, there's also a downloadable and printable PROGRAM. Socials is getting a big push this year and it is looking great. The main group can be [...]

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