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MEDIA RELEASE Sunday April 30. Nimbins MardiGrass Ready to Roll next weekend

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NIMBIN'S MARDIGRASS IS READY TO ROLL NEXT WEEKEND Nimbins annual cannabis law reform protest and gathering is ready to roll over next weekend, May 5, 6 and 7. MardiGrass Organising Body president Michael Balderstone says, "There's quite a lot of excitement over getting Legalise Cannabis MP Jeremy Buckingham elected in [...]

Hemp Embassy Headlines Issue 550 March 10 2023

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WELCOME TO THIS WEEK IN THE HEMP HEADLINESGreetings Advocates and friends alike,In the News This week,The NSW State Election draws closer, nominations closed 8th March and we have an Upper House Contingent of 18 people.At the ballot draw today we drew COLUMN 'O' - Vote 1 above the line in the COLUMN 'O'.There are 23 [...]

Michael Balderstone President – Legalise Cannabis Australia – Nimbin Good Times – Jan 2023

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Michael BalderstonePresident, Legalise Cannabis Australia Party (formerly HEMP) and Nimbin HEMP EmbassyNimbin Good TimesJanuary 2023 Doesn't it strike you as a little ridiculous we have to elect people to Parliament to get taken seriously on a single issue like the cannabis laws? The majority of the public has already changed [...]

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