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The Legalise Cannabis Party held its AGM last Saturday in Nimbin and has voted-in several new members to its executive. West Australian Legalise Cannabis MP, Dr Brian Walker, is the new vice president, Craig Ellis Secretary and Gail Hester and Anna Negri are the Registered Officers. Michael Balderstone remains as President and [...]

Cannabis advocate avoids drug-driving conviction

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https://www.northernstar.com.au/news/cannabis-advocate-avoids-drug-driving-conviction/3766317/ by Liana Turner   28th Jun 2019 2:00 PM | Updated: 4:28 PM   HEMP Party president Michael Balderstone has conceded he drove with a detectable quantity of cannabis in his system, but he's been spared a criminal conviction.   His solicitor, Steve Bolt, hopes to debate a broader [...]

Embassy HEADLINES Issue 316

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AUSTRALIA & NZ Clearing the air: A response on medical cannabis [Asia & Pacific Policy Society] Want to improve Australia’s policies on medical cannabis? Give doctors the freedom to treat it like any other unregistered medicine, Rhys Cohen writes. Legal experts call for changes to NSW roadside drug testing advice [...]

Embassy HEADLINES Issue 314

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AUSTRALIA & NZ Hemp Embassy president on drug driving charge [Echo NetDaily] The president of Nimbin’s Hemp Embassy, Michael Balderstone, has revealed he tested positive for cannabis during a recent random drug test (RDT) in the area. New Laws Will Allow the Use of Military to Break Protests [Sydney Criminal [...]

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