Industrial Hemp

  • Australian Hemp 

    Australian Hemp 

    The Australian hemp industry is experiencing a resurgence, driven by increasing consumer demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products.

  • Sustainable Uses of Hemp

    Sustainable Uses of Hemp

    Hemp, often misunderstood, offers a sustainable future, offering a wealth of uses: clothing, paper, biofuel, & nutritious food.

  • Hemp as Food

    Hemp as Food

    The Cannabis hemp seed is a complete source of easily accessible protein.

  • Industrial Hemp

    Industrial Hemp

    As an annual or bi-annual crop, Hemp is a renewable resource that can provide for fibre and cordage.

  • Hemp Leaf as Food

    Hemp Leaf as Food

      MEDIA RELEASE: Thursday October 21 2021   HEMP LEAF, SPROUTS AND ROOTS AS FOOD IN AUSTRALIA A NEW LEAF FOR LOW-THC CANNABIS   Australian industrial hemp farmers can look forward to joining the trade in hemp plant products, as an application has been accepted by Food Standards Australia and […]

  • Hemp Products in Australia

    Hemp Products in Australia

    Below is a list of hemp suppliers in Australia covering a wide range of products and services: Foods and beverages, clothing and textiles, body care products, and so on.

  • Industrial Hemp Contacts NSW

    Industrial Hemp Contacts NSW

    Industrial hemp is taking off in NSW.