Medicinal Cannabis Therapy – Cancer Treatments

Medicinal Cannabis Therapy – Cancer Treatments

About Me: Radic Al Conscious

Although I do not have any formal qualifications in this field, my father is a retired herbalist, so I grew up with him growing and making many herbal medicines and cosmetics.

In my youth, I was in a car accident that left me with 7 crushed vertebra, and I, a life of chronic pain. I use to smoke lots of cannabis to control the pain. In 1995 I read a book called Hemp for Health which stated that cannabis is a herb…. That’s when I realized that I could make medicines, very easy from cannabis, rather than just smoke it. So started my journey into the world of medicinal cannabis therapy.

The first extract I tried was a pain cream from the roots to treat my chronic back pain. It worked very well for me, then a neighbor, who was suffering pain from a tropical ulster on his foot, had to be carried to my door. I applied the root cream to his foot, soon after, he was able to walk home unassisted.

Well since then I have dug up many old traditional medicinal recipes to make lots of different medicines with which, I have successfully treated so many different ailments, both on myself and others who asked me for help.

There is nothing more empowering for me, than to grow and make, all my own medicines, that cure and relive all my ailments.

From the garden to the medicine chest, it is all so easy, people have been successfully doing this without all the modern technology of today, for hundreds of years..

I wrote this book because I believe this is a very safe way to produce high quality medicines from cannabis.

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