Australian Ethnobotanical and Psychedelic Community Video Call Out

Entheogenesis Australis invites the Australian ethnobotanical and psychedelic community to contribute original video content to our livestream on Sunday 5th July. Some examples of the kind of original content we’re looking for include:

• A short botanical workshop (e.g. cactus grafting or seed germination techniques)

• Give a micro lecture on anything raised by our EGA statement of purpose and mission

• A tour of your ethnobotanical garden or nursery

• First Nations account of country and/or the value and use of medicine plants

• A response to a botanical or environmental place or space of importance to you and others

• Tell us about your research project or organisation

• Send us a botanical photo essay in video format

• Tell us about your favourite ethnobotanical plant and why

• What do you love about the ethnobotanical and psychedelic community?

• Review a relevant Australian book of interest

• Tell us about a related conservation and/or sustainability project

• The benefits and potential of medicine plants (wellbeing, research, environmental)

• Your hope for the future in the area of ethnobotany and psychedelics in Australia

• Anything from an academic work to a botanical comedy act

• Tips for better wellbeing, setting up safe and relaxing spaces

• Politics and issues related to our area of study

Recommended Specifications

Resolution – 1920×1080 or 1280×720 (no 4K as it’s for streaming online)
Video Formats – MP4 and or MOV
Compression codec – Preferably H.264
Time limit – Minimum duration is 28 seconds, and maximum is 6:28 (six minutes and 28 seconds)


Send all files to

We recommend the use of wetransfer ( as it’s free for files under 2GB

Due date: 5pm Wednesday June 24th


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