Nimbin Hemp Embassy’s New Online Store
Nimbin Hemp Embassy’s New Online Store

Nimbin Hemp Embassy’s New Online Store

MEDIA RELEASE Aug 4 2020…LAUNCH OF SHOP.HEMPEMBASSY.NET by MP Janelle Saffin on Friday August 14 in Nimbin

Nimbin’s HEMP Embassy has used the Covid lockdown time to create an online shop which local MP Janelle Saffin will launch on Friday August 14 at 11 am at the Embassy.  Janelle has had a long association with Nimbin and is very pleased to be opening a new small business venture in these difficult times.

“Whatever else we need, we always need jobs for our local economy to survive and thrive. Nimbin has taken a big hit from firstly bushfires and now Covid. I applaud the entrepreneurialism and dedication of the volunteers at the Hemp Embassy. It’s an older successful business that has contributed to the Nimbin community for decades and has recast itself to continue to undertake its commercial and education role.”

HEMP Embassy president Michael Balderstone says it was a group effort during the lockdown but is particularly grateful to Nimbin resident Dr Geoff Lynne who took on the job of setting up the shop online. 

“Geoff moved to Nimbin with his family twenty years ago and like many in this extra ordinary community brought considerable skills with him. With his wife Helen they ran an IT Corporate consulting business in Sydney for years.”

“It’s interesting times for Cannabis with New Zealand next door about to hold a referendum and even closer being allowed to grow 2 plants in the ACT. We’re inching towards being allowed to grow our own medicine in NSW and it can’t come soon enough. It will be good to hear directly from Janelle on what hope we have for change,” says Geoff.

“Everyone is welcome to attend the launch of with Janelle which we also plan to do livestream online. We also hope to discuss some difficult cannabis issues with her, like….saliva testing drivers for cannabis the way we do, ACT pot legislation, legal mediweed imported, expensive and hard to access (only 3% of Aussie users buying it legal the rest going to the blackmarket), and the upcoming NZ referendum on legalising pot. Janelle has always been unafraid of Nimbin, unlike some other pollies who appear to give us a wide berth, and we appreciate her cutting the ribbon for us on August 14,” says Michael.

For more info contact Michael Balderstone 

President, Australian HEMP Party and Nimbin HEMP Embassy
51 Cullen Street
Nimbin NSW 2480
Phone: (02) 66 890326 Mobile 0472760236 a/h 66 897525

“The war on drugs seems to be all about who gets to profit from our pain relief, a truly sick business.”

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