Embassy HEADLINES Issue 457-8



New Zealand’s ‘green fairy’ has wings clipped for giving elderly free cannabis

Medicinal cannabis is becoming big business in Australia despite ongoing issues for the people who need it

Petition: Imprisoned for Healing the “Incurable” with Medicinal Cannabis Therapy. Drop Alan’s Charges

First ever medicinal cannabis product on PBS will help kids with rare epilepsy



New York Will No Longer Test Cabbies for Cannabis

Legalisation of cannabis in 3 US states: New York, Virginia, New Mexico

Iowa Asks DEA To Guarantee Protections For Medical Marijuana Program After Facing Activist Lawsuit

Illinois to Record $1 Billion Marijuana Sales by Year’s End, Surpassing Liquor

Cannabis Business Association of Illinois Releases Statement on Need to Issue Social Equity Licenses

Washington Gov. Signs Cannabis Social Equity Bill

Ontario overtakes Alberta to lead Canada in legal cannabis stores

Texas House Passes Bills to Decriminalize Adult-Use Cannabis and Expand Medical Cannabis Program


People Are Getting Killed in Britain’s Cannabis Farm Wars

Hundreds seek medical cannabis after Scotland’s first clinic opens

European Commission adds CBG as legal ingredient for cosmetics, skin care

The South Africa Cannabis Struggle: Free At Last…Or At Least in 2023?

Sri Lanka legislator proposes Cannabis fix for looming debt crisis

Slovakia Becomes Last European State to Legalize CBD in the EU

The First Natural Cannabis Plant Product To Be UK Validated As A Food Ingredient


The 1972 Marijuana Experiment

Kaneh Bosm and Soma: The Archeology of Cannabis in Ancient Religious Rituals

Science: The ‘Lazy Stoner’ Stereotype Is Nonsense—Marijuana Users Are Actually More Active

4 books that will help you understand Australia’s relationship with cannabis

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