Nimbin MardiGrass postponed until September 2022
Nimbin MardiGrass postponed until September 2022

Nimbin MardiGrass postponed until September 2022

MEDIA RELEASE… March 27 2022



Nimbin’s annual first weekend in May MardiGrass cannabis law reform protest and gathering has been postponed. The new dates are September 16, 17 and 18.

“Because of the flood damage on the roads especially but other reasons like Nimbins water supply is still severely limited, and the big wet and landslips are still taking their toll on the community. It’s just too soon,” said Michael Balderstone, president of the MOB, MardiGrass Organising Body.

“So it will be a spring planting ceremony instead of a soggy harvest festival.”

We need the Town Hall and the Nimbin Showgrounds to be free for the weekend and we were lucky to squeeze in as Nimbin is busy in September. The Annual Nimbin Show is on the last weekend and we appreciate they are letting us have MardiGrass the weekend before. The World Cup Poetry Event is on the first weekend and Nimbin Fashion Show the second, both annual events also.

The MardiGrass program for this years 30th anniversary was pretty much sorted for May but this will give us more time for the historical display we’re planning. So anyone with photos or movies of early MardiGrass protests please get in touch, especially from the nineties.

Most people involved in this years event have confirmed they will be available for September and we expect the program to just get better between now and then. Meanwhile the ground will hopefully dry up for the Hemp Olympix events and Legalise Cannabis will get a huge vote in the election and the new PM Albo will be forced to finally listen and we will be allowed to grow our own weed and the mean saliva testing will be scrapped in favour of sensible sobriety tests.

Big apologies from the MOB to anyone who’s travel plans have been upset by the change of dates. The spring planting ceremony will be awesome though. It’s gotta get legal soon!


Michael Balderstone

President Nimbin HEMP Embassy & Legalise Cannabis Australia (Formerly HEMP Party)
51 Cullen st, Nimbin, NSW 2480
0266891842 or 0472760236 & – please join…the law is the real crime

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