The new coalition of Cannawarriors had a successful trip to Canberra for the first day of parliament, with four Senators addressing the rally which was advocating for full legalisation of Cannabis.
David Leyonhjelm reminded the crowd of around 200 supporters that he had been the only political supporter of full legalisation until recently and advised the rally goers that they should continue to “push”. A theme that ran thru the advice of all the Senators who came down and talked to the crowd.
One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson and Qld One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts also spoke. Pauline was adament once she decides to support an injustice she will stick with us to the end. The crowd roared its approval and even in Nimbin there seems to be acceptance we need all the help we can get. Her raw honesty was refreshing after hearing so much patter from the major parties.
The Weeded Warriors talked to Jacqui Lambi about PTSD; HEMP Party Secretary Andrew Kavasilas spoke to advisers from Bill Shortens office and there was also a friendly meeting with our local Federal MP Kevin Hogan, while Derryn Hinch who promised to come to MardiGrass again this year, blasted “Free the Weed” through the speakers.
“We had some time with the new Health Minister Greg Hunt who’s eyes popped open as he watched a teary mothers film of her daughter’s epileptic seizures. Smearing just a fraction of cannabis oil on her lips brought her back to consciousness immediately,” says Australian HEMP Party President Michael Balderstone. “Mr Hunt admitted he was new in the job but told us they have a system in place with “leading experts in the field organising legal supply soon.” 
“But what about now ? What about some interim measures ?  Shouldn’t there be a place on these expert panels for our experts?  He had no answers and it looks like their plan wont include 95% of current cannabis users.”
PM Malcolm Turnbull didn’t have time he said but at least he answered our request unlike Greens leader Dr Richard Di Natale. One wonders why the issue isn’t more important for the Greens who list social justice as one of their cornerstones.
Nevertheless, organisers were thrilled with the response from supporters and grateful for the political show of hands on the day. Medical Cannabis Users of Australia (MCUA) president Gail Hester warns her “troops” will not be quelled with empty promises.
“We have this medicine out here now and we want freedom to grow and use cannabis as we see fit; and to make decisions about our own health as consenting adults – without interference from the government or the police.”
“There is a rising tide of anger and frustration from those who are getting a better quality of life from cannabis use and they are sick of living in fear. They trust our healers and the knowledge that exists here now. MCUA believes this skills base needs to be utilized in the search for expert advisers.”
“We can see how deluded the government is with their pharmaceutical like plans,” Mr Balderstone added. “It’s like they really have no idea what’s going on out here in the shadowy criminal world of cannabis culture. We’re talking two million cannabis users in Oz and we know we’re not really criminals so the shadow’s not that dark. They need to include us in their discussions.”
“Our compassionate healers deserve a place and a voice in the industry,” he said. “And a place on the expert panels that are being set up. Our healers have the skills and know how to deal with cannabis therapeutics.”
The “Enough is Enough” campaign will continue at a state level over the next three weeks.
Meanwhile cannabis users from across the country are being encouraged to make appointments with their local MP’s and Senators, both State and Federal.
“We believe this is the best thing supporters can do to help bring about change in the governments attitude towards cannabis. Talk to them about your experience and understanding of cannabis and the hidden costs of prohibition and the impact it is having and has had on your life,” said Mr Balderstone.
“And if you are helping someone who is seriously ill try and take them along,” added Ms Hester. “Seeing is believing and politicians have so much reading to do we think personal conversations will have much more impact in re-educating them.”
The CannaWarrior coalition believes the pharmaceutical industry wants to keep cannabis out of home gardens for fear of lost profits. “Our people want access to an affordable reliable supply sooner rather than later,” said Ms Hester. “The genie is out of the bottle now and there is no putting it back.”
You can show support for the full legalisation of cannabis at the upcoming “Enough is Enough” Rallies that will be held in most capital cities until the end of March.

Enough is Enough Rallies
Brisbane 9am Tuesday 14 February at Parliament House.
Perth 10am Thursday 16 February at Supreme Court Gardens.
Sydney 8am Tuesday 21 February at Parliament House.
Melbourne 9am Tuesday 21 February at Parliament of Victoria.
Adelaide 11am Saturday 4 March at River Torrens.
For more info contact Gail Hester 0417458944 or Michael Balderstone on 0472760236

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