The Nimbin based Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party will officially launch its Election campaign in Lismore on Monday at midday in front of local National party MP Kevin Hogans office in Lismore. The HEMP Party has senate candidates running in every state and the NT.
“The polling booth is one place where you can make a mark for ending the war on probably the most useful plant on the planet, and no one will know, you wont lose your job,” said President and NSW Senate candidate Michael Balderstone.
Look for the leaf on the senate paper and mark one in that box, then your party of choice.  Cannabis is an extraordinary medicine that’s been safely used by our ancestors for centuries. A hundred years ago it was in virtually every medicine and it’s never killed anyone. We should be allowed to grow our own and roadside drug testing should be about impairment not unfairly busting people who might have had a smoke days ago.”
Separate cannabis the plant from the other illegal drugs, it’s completely different. Regulate and tax it. Everybody wins.
NSW, NT and Victorian Senate candidates will be at the launch. Midday outside Kevin Hogans.
For further info contact Michael on 0472760236 or Andrew Kavasilas 0427891968

Help End Marijuana Prohibition, VOTE 1 HEMP

Better Cannabis legislation will improve our health, nutrition, policing and the annual budget.

Cannabis can provide a better solution for medicine, food security, the environment and social harmony.

Along with sniffer dogs, Roadside Drug Testing has dramatically altered drug use in favour of undetectable pills and more dangerous drugs.

Cannabis has never killed anyone in ten thousand years of use. Cannabis needs to be separated and treated differently to other illegal drugs.

We need to grow our own legal medicine, at least six plants each for adults over 18, and in our own backyard.

Aussies can safely vote for legal Cannabis in this election. At the polling booth you can privately make a mark for the plant that should never have been made illegal.

There are a couple of million Aussie Voters who enjoy Cannabis regularly and they are not real criminals.


The protest vote to re-legalise home-grown Cannabis.

Look for the leaf on the Senate Ballot Paper.


Authorised by: M. Balderstone, Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party, Nimbin

The easy way to vote 1 HEMP.

Look for the leaf on the Senate Ballot Paper.

Write the number 1 in the box underneath.

Choose six boxes above the line.

Number them in the order that you prefer.

New South Wales
Group B for Buds
Dr. Andrew Katelaris  and  Michael Balderstone

Group N for Natural
Dr. John Jiggens and  Frank Jordan

South Australia
Group I for Indica
Angela Adams  and  Matt Iversen

Group M for Medical Marijuana
Alfred Informal  and  Matt Owen

Group J for Joints
Frances Hood  and  Heather Marie Gladman

Western Australia
Group J for Joints again
Dr. Nick Lethbridge  and  Mark Rayner

Northern Territory
Group F for Freedom
Andrew Kavasilas  and  Lance Lawrence

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