Virtual Mardigrass 2020 has begun
Virtual Mardigrass 2020 has begun

Virtual Mardigrass 2020 has begun

PRESS RELEASE: April 28 2020. From the Nimbin HEMP Embassy

Virtual Mardigrass 2020 has begun

“The Virtualmardigrass has begun with the chatroom now open and ready to receive entries. Max Stone is at the helm and I am out of my depth on the web but dog paddling furiously,” says Michael Balderstone, the HEMP Embassy and MOB (MardiGrass Organising Body) ageing hippy president. “Let’s turn the Corona lockdown lemon into lemonade,” he says.
“We always have a lot of international visitors at MardiGrass but online it will be truly global this year and we hope entries will come in from all over. Some lucky people in more enlightened areas of the planet can even send in legal entries to the Cannabis Cup.”
Everyone is welcome to go to, register and use Discord to send in entries to the Hemp Olympix joint rolling and bong throw events, Pot Poetry and Pot Art, the HEMP Fashion Parade, Weed Laughs and the MardiGrass Music Awards. There’s plenty of free tickets to the next real on the ground MardiGrass to be won.
You can also send in Cannabis questions of any kind, legal or illegal, medicinal or industrial, and next weekend various doctors, healers, growers and makers will be available to answer and chat.
Chibo, the HEMP Olympix torch bearer is determined to be in it as usual and jogging is allowed so that’s all good. If you are doing Friday evening shopping in Nimbin around sunset you might catch him sprinting up Cullen street, or you can watch him online from the comfort of your living room. Quite possible while having a safe choof.
The HEMP Olympix plans to start at midday Saturday as tradition has it and anyone around the entire planet is invited to send in a film of their Growers Iron Person or Joint Rolling expertise. Either the Creative Roll with as many papers as you like in ten minutes, or the famous three papers and a filter old school Speed Roll. 
The 420 Kombi Konvoy of usually over fifty Kombi’s is in trouble for this MardiGrass but there will be at least one for the famous Saturday 420.
Pot Poetry with Australia’s twice champion poet David Hallett is on and we’ll stick loosely with the usual program so that will be Sunday morning.
There will be other surprises and you are welcome to sign up and join in and make suggestions etc. Remember it’s a protest asking for the prohibition of Cannabis to end and we’re trying to have some fun while we’re at it because it’s taking a very very long time for them to see the error of their ways.
And at, remember there will be no roadblocks, no saliva testing, no riot squad, no parking fines, no one looking over your shoulder, nothing to worry about in fact!
For more info phone Michael 0266897525 or Max 0459120255 or ask on the site!

Michael Balderstone
President, Australian HEMP Party and Nimbin HEMP Embassy
51 Cullen Street
Nimbin NSW 2480
Phone: (02) 66 890326 Mobile 0472760236

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