Embassy HEADLINES Issue 433
Embassy HEADLINES Issue 433

Embassy HEADLINES Issue 433


Australian Cannabis Summit

13 and 14th of November, 2020: A FREE online event that brings Australia’s and some of the world’s most respected minds on Cannabis to your screen.

Cannabis as Medicine Survey 2020 launched

Have you used cannabis or marijuana for medical purposes in the last 12 months? Are you an Australian aged 18 or over? Take this anonymous online survey from the University of Sydney and help us understand why and how Australians use cannabis as medicine. The survey takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.


NSW parliament rejects bill that would allow medical cannabis patients to drive

NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern explains why she voted for cannabis reform

Narrow cannabis result proves need for reform – Helen Clark

The margin is thinner than a cannabis leaf, but NZ voters have said nope to legalising dope. In the final count 50.7 percent voted no, versus 48.4 percent voting yes – a difference of 67,000 votes.

Tasmania produces 80 per cent of Australia’s hemp

HIF becomes first Australian insurer to cover medical cannabis

Has legalising medicinal cannabis made a difference?

Global survey of cannabis cultivators

The International Cannabis Cultivation Survey has gone live! This anonymous online survey aims to better our collective understanding of small-scale cannabis cultivation and culture around the world. To take the survey or find out more, head to the website: https://worldwideweed.nl/


Indiana farmers now allowed to grow commercial hemp

Grow-your-own cannabis businesses in Canada enjoy record sales, too

Record number of Americans support marijuana legalization, poll finds

Police Can’t Search You For Smelling Like Marijuana Under New Virginia Law

Massachusetts Surpasses $1 Billion In Cannabis Sales

Police Confiscate 15,000 Cannabis Plants In SF Bay Area

Cuomo: This Is the Year Marijuana Finally Gets Legalized in New York

I tried six ‘drinkables’ from the Ontario Cannabis Store

New Jersey Cannabis Commission ‘will right the wrongs of the past’

The governor noted incarceration inequality as the failures of the state’s current “broken marijuana laws” as he announced the commission that will work on the new laws to regulate legal cannabis.

Canadian group hands out cannabis edibles to curb opioid use, but doctor has concerns

US House of Representatives will vote on cannabis decriminalization bill in December

Washington, DC, just decriminalized psychedelic plants. Here’s what happens next


Colombia Shelves Congressional Bill on Cannabis Legalization

German retailer Aldi rolls out private-label hemp line in UK

Montevideo Airport has high hopes of being Latin America’s cannabis hub

Medicinal cannabis: UK MPs back use for epileptic children

Study Finds That Inhaled Cannabis Can Reduce Symptoms of OCD

This Is How To Use CBD Oil In Order To Treat Painful Inflammation

He fought to get off opioids. Now he has to choose between food and medicine

Australia’s Largest Database of Cannabis Companies

CBD Oil to hemp, producers to importers, retailers to non-profits, and more. If they work with the cannabis plant and conduct business in Australia, you’ll find them here.

With more than 420+ cannabis companies across 50+ categories, The Green List helps hemp and cannabis companies to promote their products, services, and events online.


Australian Cannabis Summit

13 and 14th of November, 2020: A FREE online event that brings Australia’s and some of the world’s most respected minds on Cannabis to your screen.

Whole Plant Expo – online

The Australian Medicinal Cannabis Course is now Online

It’s been a long journey getting Australia’s first medicinal cannabis course for health professionals online. First delivered in 2017, Dr Caldicott’s comprehensively researched course is finally available at the click of a few buttons.

Medical Cannabis Explained: FREE Webinar series for Health Professionals [Links below]

Nurses/Practice Managers
Thursday 19 November 7pm AEDT

Wednesday 11 November 12 noon AEDT
Tuesday 17 November 7pm AEDT

Thursday 12 November 12 noon AEDT
Wednesday 18 November 7pm AEDT

Cannabis across the EU – Market update with Deepak Anand [online]

Thursday, 12 November 2020 11:00 am AEDT (Sydney): Join EU Expert Deepak Anand as we explore multiple growing EU cannabis and CBD markets.


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