Embassy HEADLINES Issue 478
Embassy HEADLINES Issue 478

Embassy HEADLINES Issue 478


Drive Change Webinar 30 September: Ending Discrimination: Medicinal Cannabis & Drug Driving Law Questions Answered


Unanimous support for Melbourne council’s medical cannabis plan

Legalise Cannabis WA’s Dr Brian Walker: ‘this is how we end prohibition’

Bod Australia to trial new CBD medication for over-the-counter sale

Andrew Little confirms no more delays to NZ’s medicinal cannabis framework

Doctors are still reluctant to prescribe cannabis despite growing consumer interest


Canada’s biggest cannabis market, Ontario, reaches 1,000 legal stores

Missouri Military Veterans Benefit From Medical Cannabis Cash

Native American alliance hopes to spark cannabis on tribal lands

North Bay Cities Take Differing Approaches to Cannabis Dispensaries

San Diego Wants to Infuse Social Equity in the Cannabis Industry

With cannabis now legal, ’NJ Weedman’ prepares to go legit

Ohio Details Licensing Info for Additional 73 Dispensaries

Criminal Element Seen in Illicit Cannabis Grows Amid Oregon Crackdown

California authorities struggle to curb illicit marijuana operators who challenge legal firms

Pennsylvania Senators Discuss Bill To Provide DUI Protections For Medical Marijuana Patients

U.S. House Adds SAFE Banking to Defense Spending Package

New York Marijuana Regulatory Board Is Officially Completed With Governor’s Final Appointments

Oklahoma Activists Finalize Language For Two 2022 Marijuana Ballot Initiatives


Could A New Constitution Mean Recreational Cannabis in Chile?

Danish agro operators join to pursue expansion in hemp foods

Europe’s Proposed New ‘Safe’ Levels Of THC In Hemp & CBD Products Are ‘Unacceptable’ and ‘Unnecessarily’ Low

UK project aimed at accelerating hemp as as biorefinery crop

Italy could hold cannabis referendum next year

Virginia Tech researching CBD waste to strengthen plywood

Canadian study finds one in three participants use cannabis to manage menopause symptoms

Melissa Etheridge on Her California Cannabis Company, ‘It’s Hard, But We’re Hanging in There’

Amazon announces support for the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act

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