Embassy HEADLINES Issue 495


USA: Cannabis state tax revenue tops $10 billion from legal sales


60 Minutes episode from 2001: The ‘unwinnable war’: Should marijuana be legalised in Australia?

TGA sets out GMP rules for imports with reform on track for March


Kansas & California Cops Stage Armored Car Heists, Stealing Money Earned by Licensed Marijuana Businesses

No More Drug War Rally at California Capitol Building

Illegal marijuana winning out in California 5 years after Proposition 64

American Indian tribe in Maine trials industrial hemp for polluted soil clean-up

Quebec’s new mandatory jab rules for cannabis stores boost vaccination rates

New Mexico Temporarily Increases Cannabis Production Limits Ahead of Adult-Use Launch

Arizona community colleges get $17.1M from cannabis tax in first year of legality

Austin Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Decriminalization Initiative For May Ballot

Mississippi legislators ready to legalize medical marijuana over governor’s veto


Thailand Plans to Make Marijuana Legal, Scrapping Jail Terms and Fines for Possession

Law in Costa Rica awaits decision by president; will he sign?

Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Barcelona

Lack of rules hinders development in Morocco’s Rif, but co-op keeps building

Irish CBD Industry Bids To Loosen State Shackles In Series Of High Court Actions

Mayor of London urged to drop cannabis diversion pilot

Industry Rocked As Leading UK Bank Shuts Its Doors To Cannabis Businesses

MPs to discuss a bill to legalise cannabis in France

Africa Sets New Record With $2 Billion Cannabis Shipment, Signaling Potential Boom

Squish Game: 4 key considerations for choosing the right cannabis gelling agent

Study Sheds Light On Consumer Delta-8 THC Perceptions

After Harvest: From Drying to Selling Cannabis

Study finds cannabis can improve your sex life

Medical Cannabis Long-COVID Trial Authorised

U.S. Senate Candidate Smokes Blunt in Campaign Ad

Cannabis use to cope with race-related stress among incarcerated African American men

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