Embassy HEADLINES Issue 513
Embassy HEADLINES Issue 513

Embassy HEADLINES Issue 513


Medicinal cannabis product CBD does not affect driving ability, research finds

“Frankly Fed Up” With Unjust Drug Driving Laws, Says Legalise Cannabis’ Bernard Bradley

PETITION – Tell Albo: Legalise cannabis now!


Australian distilleries turning over new leaf with foray into cannabis-infused liquor

The [political] support that money does not buy

Hanson likely to get over the line, but writing’s on the wall for One Nation

Legalise Cannabis Australia may miss out on a Senate seat but the fight goes on in Queensland

Lambert finds CBD has no impact on driving, even at maximum daily dose

Submissions now available: NSW parliamentary inquiry on the justice of THC-positive driving laws

NSW Police Given the Power to Search Past Drug Offenders Without a Warrant

Legalise Cannabis WA thwarted in bid to get Labor to adopt previous policy on possession

NZ’s GFI Making Its Medical Cannabis Mark In Australia


Will New York’s Adult-Use Cannabis Licensing Repair Drug-War Harms?

California sheriff asks Elon Musk for help with county’s illegal weed problems

California Department of Cannabis Control launches cannabis data visualization tool

Connecticut Governor Signs Legislation Cracking Down on Cannabis ‘Gifting’

Cannabis home delivery slated to begin in Connecticut

Rhode Island Legalizes Recreational Marijuana and Protects Off-Duty Use

North Carolina Senate passes bill that would avert hemp industry shutdown

North Carolina Medical Marijuana Bill Set For Senate Vote, As Poll Shows Overwhelming Public Support

Minnesota Accused Of Plotting To Change Marijuana Party Name To ‘MAGA’ Party To Siphon GOP Votes

Canadian cannabis producers’ overdue excise taxes more than triple to CA$52M

Canada Temporarily Decriminalizes Four Drugs in B.C. as Overdose Deaths Rise


Lithuanian MPs propose to decriminalise possession of cannabis

Switzerland To Launch Adult-Use Cannabis Sale Trial Program This Summer

The Complicated World of Medical Cannabis in India

More than half of election candidates ‘would support a progressive approach to cannabis’ in Jersey

South Africa: Commercialisation of cannabis not justice department’s domain

New Cannabis Testing to Help Growers Manage, Prevent Microbial Outbreaks


Case Report: Topical CBD Preparation Resolves Skin Cancer Lesions

THCA: What are THC crystals and what are their potential benefits?

Can You Ask Your Doctor For A Cannabis Prescription Instead Of Painkillers?


USA: Lawmaker Calls on Transportation Department to Amend “Outdated” Cannabis Testing Requirements

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