The next court case regarding the Rainbow Laneboys tangled up in the nets of “Operation Cuppa” is being held on the 31st of this month at Lismore Court House, and supporters are encouraged to attend. This is to set hearing dates and make decisions on which charges will be handed to the DPP. Since the last hearing there have been 4 more people arrested and charged in relation to this operation that takes the number to 32 people facing court under operation Cuppa. Only 8 of the Laneboys have been granted permission to return to Nimbin. The rest have been refused entry to town or within 15 kms of town. Many of the accused are unable to see or speak to each other for any reason as they are charged with consorting.
“In today’s anxiety ridden fearful society it’s easy to put your head down and ignore the injustices that one hears of, but in fact it’s an opportunity for making a difference,” says Nimbin HEMP Embassy President Michael Balderstone who urges medical cannabis users to attend and show they care.
“Many of the people caught in the nets of operation Cuppa are much more dolphin than shark and hopefully the courts will sort out who’s who but meanwhile waiting months for court cases to be heard is very stressful and expensive and many families lives have been completely disrupted. Does anyone consider the holistic effect? Operation Cuppa has had a huge impact on our one pub village and few raids have ever exposed the futility of prohibition more. The damage done by making this pain relieving herb illegal continues unabated which is ludicrous considering what is happening in other western countries now with the benefits of medical cannabis accepted and appreciated.”
“If you cannot attend there is a better way to show your support and that is to make an appointment with your local MP, State or Federal, and talk to them about how the war on cannabis (and other drugs not owned by the pharmaceutical industry) is affecting your families life. Most politicians spend their life on soft carpet and are a long way from the back lanes created by prohibition and it’s up to us to let them know what’s going on.”
For further info…contact Nimbin HEMP Embassy 0266890326