Embassy HEADLINES Issue 507
Embassy HEADLINES Issue 507

Embassy HEADLINES Issue 507


US cannabis sales reach US$3.7 billion in 2021

MardiGrass postponed following recent floods



British Colombia: We’ve Seen This Movie Before

US Air Reserve Base Reminds Personnel Of Hemp Ban

Marijuana Trafficking Is Changing At US-Mexico Border — Here’s How

Californian town called Weed prepares to host blowout 420 cannabis festival

New Jersey Marijuana Sales Will Start Day After 4/20, And AG Says Police Can Use While Off Duty

What Are Americans’ Views On Cannabis In General? New Poll Reveals


Oaxaca, Mexico, Issues 26 Medical Cannabis Cultivation Permits to Indigenous Communities

Sardinia officials say new law will unlock potential of hemp sectors

A Look Inside a Hemp Project to Regenerate Ireland’s Most Inhospitable Soil

It’s 420 – another reminder that Britain’s cannabis laws are not fit for purpose

India’s First Hemp Cafe Wants To Open up Conversations on Cannabis

Hempcrete home in Serbia was ‘grow-your-own’ and ‘do-it-yourself’

Spanish Cops Just Destroyed Europe’s Largest Hemp Plantation, Even Though CBD Is Legal

Japan: Harvest ceremony of hemp for enthronement



Educational Posters for the 4/20 2022 Rally

Why Does Weed Still Cost So Much?

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