Embassy HEADLINES Issue 508
Embassy HEADLINES Issue 508

Embassy HEADLINES Issue 508


Mayhem Erupts at Melbourne Cannabis Rally as Police Haul Off Patients

MardiGrass postponed following recent floods


Australia Poll Finds 50% in Favor of Recreational Pot Reform

NZ: New drug-driving law ignores science, targets poor

Big problem with Australian road rule around medical cannabis

More Funding For Medical Cannabis Crop Research In Australia


USA Poll: 69 Percent of Adults Support Legalizing Marijuana, Most Say It’s Less Harmful Than Alcohol

New York’s cannabis regulator defends licenses for those with convictions

Bill Seeks To End California City Medical Cannabis Bans

Cannabis Farms Excluded From California’s Drought Mitigation Plan

Applications Open for California State Fair’s Cannabis Competition

Ballot measure for recreational cannabis in Missouri claims 200,000+ signatures

Arizona Collects More Cannabis Than Liquor Taxes


German Government Has ‘Set The Bar High’ For Adult-Use Cannabis Market

Switzerland to begin recreational cannabis trial this summer

Zimbabwe’s Tobacco Growers Vow To Plant Cannabis Instead

First CBG-rich hemp variety is approved for EU’s plant catalog

Knowing Your Limits with Cannabis: A Practical Guide to Assessing Your Cannabis Use

Gut feelings – the intriguing connection between psychedelics and the microbiome

Australian researchers trialling magic mushroom active ingredient as antidepressant


Biden Takes First Action on Clemency Powers Since Elected

Schumer Makes ‘Promise’ On Marijuana Legalization Bill Timeline After Repeated Delays


Billings, Montana, lowers minimum age to own or work for marijuana businesses to 18

Vermont’s Cannabis Growers Are Ready — But Their Permits Aren’t

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